Tara Puja

Tara Puja (Bir, India)

Rinpoche will be doing an extensive Tara puja in Bir, India and he would like to make available the opportunity worldwide for the sangha to donate to it. He said: “ those who wish to make a connection with this puja and accumulate merit for various reasons like health and protection, should go to the Siddhartha's Intent website for directions how to do that.”

If you wish to make a connection with 21-Day Arya Tara retreat pujas being held in Chauntra, India (March 23-April 12, 2017), please email local co-ordinator, David Tan at  tarasgoffer@gmail.com  
All donations should be sent in to the respective region by February 23rd.  Then, the monies gathered will be forwarded directly to Deer Park/SI India